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Start a Conversation It all starts with a conversation. Complete an interest form by clicking the link above "Get Started Today" let us know that you’d like more information on becoming a Riddle Financial agent. - Riddle Financial lets you be the owner of a successful business, without all the start-up costs 
- Agents with no prior sales or insurance experience often become the most successful Riddle Financial agents



Training and Mentorship Your mentor provides access to income-producing training starting on day one. From product webinars and one-on-one training to national conferences, you’ll never lack for resources to help you start earning income quickly. Riddle Financial and your manager will be there to guide your steps as an agent. You’ll also have access to weekly training events and monthly bootcamps.
- Learn from those who know how
- Access the knowledge of a dedicated corporate staff
- Enjoy direct access to Riddle Financial's leaders and top managers via email and social media
Help American Families Not only will you protect families from financial disaster, you can also provide jobs to your own agents and staff as you grow your business. Furthermore, your association with NAA® helps fund charity projects in your local community and around the globe. NAA® regularly donates a portion of its revenue to the Children’s Miracle Network, Duke Children’s Hospital and various ministries which provide food and education to families in Haiti and India. 


Get Licensed The insurance industry is regulated by each state’s Department of Insurance, so to qualify to become an Riddle Financial agent you’ll need to pass a licensing exam in your state. Don’t worry, though! Riddle Financial is partnered with the nation’s most well-known licensing trainers who not only prepare you for the exam, but also guarantee you pass the exam on your first try, often in as little as a few days. We help hundreds of people through the licensing process every single month.